Mucky Mission

Mission Statement:  At the Mucky Duck, we believe that diversity is the spice of life.  We welcome everyone here, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or political affiliation. I expect my staff and my customers to treat all people with respect at all times, excepting those who come here with hate in their hearts.  I expect my staff and my customers to, in whatever ways they can, help us to promote these values.  Times have changed and the time has come to take a stand.  We all have a moral obligation to at least try to make a difference.

Important note:  We openly support the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.  I like to explain it this way.  If I am a member of Save the Whales that DOESN'T mean I want all the dolphins to die.  We support BLM because we feel that broad and wide-ranging reform and change is needed in our society as a whole, not just within the police force.  I believe we have an excellent relationship with Ames PD and have no intention of allowing that to change.  I personally have been on BLM marches in Ames and have been very pleased with how Ames PD handled things.   I'm sorry, but if your first response to this is to say 'All Lives Matter' then we are going to politely suggest you find somewhere else to eat and drink.  I understand that there are many people who will not agree with this.  And now I talk as owner of this establishment and not for the establishment as a whole.  My views have been evolving over the years.  The more I learn about racial history in this country, the more I realize that black people are massively disadvantaged in society.  I want to do what I can to help rectify this situation.  One of the things I can do is to take a stance, and here it is.  Finally, there are some people who think restaurants and businesses should stay out of politics.  Of course, for us these are the people who do not agree with our stance.  Can I ask if they would write to Koch Brothers and ask them to also stay out of politics?  I wonder if more businesses had taken a stand in Germany before the 2nd World War - maybe things would have been different.  My Dad fought in WWII against this Nazi hatred, as did countless Americans.  We must not allow that same kind of hatred to flourish in America.  Marcus Johnson.

Notes on Alcohol Consumption:  At the Mucky Duck we value community very highly.  We love nothing more than getting together with our customers and having a good old ‘knees up.’  We are also acutely aware of the many dangers associated with drinking alcohol.  Because we value community and we care about our customers and our staff, we will intervene when we believe there is a problem.  Personally speaking, I have not only a legal obligation but also a moral one to the short- and long-term safety, mental health and financial security of my customers and staff.  If I see someone pissing their paycheck down the drain when they have family at home who are going without, I will say something.  That person could of course tell me to politely go fourth and multiple and mind my own business.  However, while that person is in my pub, drinking my beer and being served by my staff then it is very much is my business.

Nursing mothers:  We support the right of mothers to nurse their babies publicly in our restaurant.  We ask that nursing mothers be discrete when possible and that other customers be respectful of this very important part of raising a baby! 

Drinking and Driving:  Please don’t drink and drive!  If you need a ride home, PLEASE ask.  Marcus will get out of bed and come down to drive you home if necessary – no charge.  We will also get you a Uber at no charge if that works better!

Our Restaurant:  All are welcome to imbibe at the Mucky Duck – regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, gender, religious affiliation, political views etc.  At the Mucky Duck, we believe that diversity is the spice of life.  Hate has no place here!

Service / Food Quality:  If everything is not up to par then PLEASE let somebody know and we will do our best to make it right.  If you do not see dramatic improvements after saying something, then feel free to tell the world about it on your favorite social media channel!!

Sharing:  We do not charge extra if you would like to share an entrée.  However, please remember we are a locally-owned business and we’re just trying to make a living!