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Online Ordering

Please take advantage of our new online ordering system for takeout.  This new approach will help to streamline the ordering process so your food reaches you faster and fresher!!  Orders can be placed for takeout or curbside.  To place an online order, please click the button below!

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Family-Style Meals and Pies for Delivery or Takeout

We are please to offer the following options for family dining or small catering functions.  All dishes are available in Catering Half Pans (about the size of a 9x13" pan) and Catering Full Pans.  Half pans can feed approximately 12-14 people and full pans around double that number.  We require 48 hours notice for these order please.  We are using a separate order form for family meals or catering orders, please click on the button below or call the pub to place an order.


Bangers and Mash.  Our pub classic.  Delicious pork sausages served with mashed potato and a rich beef gravy with grilled onions.  One half pan of mashed potato and a half-pan of sausages in the gravy.  Serves approximately 8 people.  $70.

Pulled Pork.  You can’t cater in Iowa without doing this Iowa classic.  Half-pan for $80 (Serves 10 people) and includes buns, butter and BBQ sauce.

Lasagne.  Not very British but that doesn’t mean we can’t cook it!  One half pan for $80.  Serves 10-12 people.

Cottage Pie.  A British/Irish classic!  Ground beef and pork with potatoes, carrots and peas in a rich gravy topped with mash.  One half pan for $80.  Serves 10.

Sausage Hot Pot.  Delicious hot pot containing our famous bangers, onions, potatoes, carrots and more.  Filling, hearty and warming!  One full pan for $100.  Serves 10.

Chicken Tikka Masala.   Marinated chicken in a rich, creamy and fairly-spicy curry gravy.  An extremely popular dish in the UK!  One half pan of the curry, one half pan of rice and 10 pieces of naan bread for $100.  Serves 10.

Pork Vindaloo.  Spicy Indian dish with pork and potatoes in a rich sauce.   One half pan of the curry, one half pan of rice and 10 pieces of naan bread for $100.  Serves 10.

Vegetarian Curry.  Made with zucchini, cauliflower, squash, potatoes, diced tomatoes and chickpeas.  One half pan of the curry, one half pan of rice and 10 pieces of naan bread for $90.  Serves 10.

Sausage Fest.  Based on our popular German Platter, you get a half pan of assorted German sausages, a half pan of mashed potato, ten schnitzels and sides of gravy, red cabbage and sauerkraut.  One Sausage Fest package is $100.  Serves 10.

Fish Fest.  Enough fish to feed an army - well 12-14 people to be precise.  A full pan FULL of fish and another pan of chips along with a good quantity of tartar sauce.  For a limited time we will throw in a malt vinegar shaker for free!  $110.

Indian Night.  Our three most popular curries, the Chicken Curry, Pork Vindaloo and Chicken Tikka Masala with a full half pan of rice and plenty of naan bread.  Enough to feed six people.  $60.


1/2 Pan Fries $20
1/3 Pan Heinz Baked Beans $20
1/3 Pan American Baked Beans / Green Beans $15
1/3 Pan Basmati Rice $10

1/3 Pan Mashed Potato $10
1/3 Pan Peas / Corn / Mixed Veggies $10
1/3 Pan Coleslaw $10
1/3 Pan Mushy Peas $15

*Note:  Half pan entrees serve 12-14 people.  One-third pan sides should be sufficient for the same number of people.


1/2 Pan Sticky Toffee Pudding / Spotted Dick $50 (does not include ice cream)

Rentals:  Hot box pan transporter $10, chafer with fuel $10.  Please contact us for more information on our extensive list of rental equipment.

Sarah's Pies:  

One of our original employees has started her own pie business.  Sarah, former kitchen manager and current prep cook has always made spectacular desserts.  Now she is working out of our kitchen while she builds her own new business.  Most of our pies will now come from 'Sarah's Pies' and, well, you already know how tasty they are!  Order from here standard line of if you fancy something special she just needs 24 Hours notice.

Standard Pies:  Apple, Double Chocolate Cream Pie, Pumpkin, Pecan, Old Fashioned Sugar Pie, Key Lime, Pecan


Special Order Pies:  Bourbon Peach Pie, Blueberry, Key Lime, Banana Cream Pie, Candy Bar Pie (choice of Snickers, Butterfinger or Peanut Butter Cup), Peanut Butter Pretzel Pie, Cookies and Cream Pie, Grasshopper Pie, Mixed Berry Pie, Creamy Hazelnut Pie.

8 1/2" Pies: $17.50 Standard, $6.50 for Mini Pie, $25 for Special Order.


To order a family meal or standard-order pies please call the pub or e-mail info@amesbritishfoods.com.​  For special order pies, please email pies@amesbritishfoods.com.